Abigail L, UK

I did the same for a festival - paid 2,400 pounds for three tickets. There is no question that if I had seen the price I would not have paid that, but the whole website is a) geared towards you never finding out the price b) geared towards setting you up into such a panic that you are likely to rush and not pay attention. Eg really short buying window, the 'queue'. So yes, 2,400 pounds on my credit card - I work for a charity and needless to say this is money I don't have. Although it's only money, and I have accepted I've done this now, I can see from reading these comments that there are so many emotional effects too. This amount of money loss is enough to tip people over the edge. I am lucky in that I don't have any dependents, but it means all my plans to start saving for a flat this year, or to take my mum away for her 60th, are pretty much gone. It's just made my year harder and sadder, but at least though looking at these posts I can take away some of the self-blame and self-loathing from this. I don't hold out much hope of a refund myself as I can never prove I was duped. I have tried a few avenues and have met with brick walls. But big respect to everyone who is fighting. Keep going!  

Dustin D, USA

I listed orders on Viagogo, tickets sold within a few days. There were issues with the venue shipping the wristbands, but I was able to contact Viagogo and make arrangements for the buyers to pick up their wristbands in Madrid. Viagogo does not respond to emails, no phone correspondence available, the order numbers are no longer valid for online or automated phone support, and their automated response to payment inquiries is updated each day with the current date. Started 13 July, checked again today and it shows 23 July. Latest correspondence from Viagogo says they will charge me 519 euros in fees and not pay me the 900 euros that they owe me.  

Marju R, Croatia

I bought tickets for Guns n Roses Not in This Lifetime tour on 1st of July in Hämeenlinna. Firstly I was shown the price 95€ per ticket. Selected 2 and it showed me that the tickets are almost gone - I need to hurry if want to see the show. Okey, confirmed with the price 95€ per ticket. Then, after the confirmation - pooooff - the price is 265,34€. I was shocked. I called my bank in the same evening, also wrote to viagogo. Got my bank to file a chargeback and no real answere from viagogo. At the moment the situation is that I didn't get any tickets, lost the money and the bank charged me 24€ for "false chargeback", because viagogo sent them a letter that all the charges are shown before confirmation. So, here I am - 300€ short and looking for any straws that may help me and also help you to shut down this crooked site.     ��\�

Juana J, Ecuador

 Hola! No he visto a nadie escribir en español.. bueno soy de Ecuador y gracias a ustedes he decidido tomar acciones en contra de estos sinverguenzas esperando que me devuelvan mi dinero.. me robaron 600 dólares por 2 entradas que cuestan 70... al igual que ustedes el precio final lo supe solo cuando ingrese los datos de mi tarjeta... espero que por lo menos ellos me respondan 

Ocean F, UK

 I sold my Wireless festival tickets via Viagogo for the agreed sum of £520. I shipped tickets to buyer on time and still have the receipt, tracking number and proof buyer has received and signed for them. Then Viagogo start making excuses why i won't get any money so I say if the transaction is void surely the buyer doesn't have to pay? (Buyer very understanding said he would pay me direct) but Viagogo still took his £520 and my tickets!! That money was for a deposit for a home! I am pregnant and now money I was relying on has been taken! Customer service and everything is a joke! I've basically been robbed 

Dominika S, Germany

I'm from Germany and bought tickets for Ed Sheeran concert in Poland. It should be a wedding gift. First I thought I pay in zloty and not in euro (250zl is about 60 euros). So 250zl for each ticket, it should be than about 500-600zl for 2 after purchased. I entered my credit card numbers and was devastated after I saw that they want me to pay 700euro... The page reloaded more times so It could explain it to me that they change the currency and I didn't even recognized it. Moreover I found the regulation for participation on the concert from the organizer in Poland and saw they my tickets are not valid. If it not going to work I am going to go for a lawyer.